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Q: What brands does usain bolt like?
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What food does usain bolt dislike?

Usain bolt does not like to eat vegetables

Who is the faster man in the world?

Usain Bolt, he set a world record in 100m in 2008.

What nicknames does Usain Bolt go by?

Usain Bolt goes by Lightning Bolt.

What doesn't Usain Bolt like?

Usain bolt doesn't like driving well he says he is bad at it and he doesn't like long distance running.

Which country does Usain Bolt like most?

Usain Bolt is from Jamaica so he probably likes Jamaica most.

Who is more famous Justin Bieber or Usain Bolt?

usain bolt

Who holds the current record for the olympic 100m sprint?

Usain bolt 9.58 and his olympic record is 9.69

What can usain bolt do?

usain bolt is horse

What does Usain Bolt not like?

dead peaple

What do Usain Bolt like?

he liked cricket

Is usain bolt from the US?

No, Usain Bolt is from Jamaica.

What country is Usain Bolt?

Usain bolt is from the Caribbean, Jamaica.