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It has a metallic green finish paint. It has a gold pinstripe that goes around it. The only words on the entire frame are , SNAUWAERT, MILOSLAV MECIR, & MADE WITH PRECISION IN Belgium BY SNAUWAERT & DELPA. It also has a couple of the "S" logos near the throat and the buttcap says "SNAWAERT" and so does the leather grip. It doesn't have any grip size listed although I would guess it is either 4 3/8 or 4 1/2.

The only other characteristic that I found interesting is that is doesn't have grommets and the frame has insets for the strings like old wooden racquets along the sides starting at just past 3 and just before 9 and continuing around the top of the frame.

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Q: What brand of tennis racquet did Miloslav Mecir use in the 1988 men's U.S. Open semifinal?
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