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Q: What brand of helmet does Troy Polamalu wear?
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What famous athletes wear number 43?

Pittsburgh Steeler Safety Troy Polamalu is on of the most famous players to wear the number 43.

Which professional players wear the number 43?

One is Troy Polamalu! Go Steelers!!

Are NFL players allowed to wear hair extensions?

Yes, some NFL players with long braids are hair extensions.

What designer clothes does Christian troy wear in nip tuck?

One brand he wears is Gucci.

How old do you have to be to not wear a helmet in Ottawa?

Everyone has to wear a helmet no matter what age! :)

Who must wear a motorcycle helmet?

any one under 21 MUST wear a helmet, but anyone over has to have insurance but doesn't have to wear a helmet

Do you have to wear a motorcycle helmet in Washington?

It depends on your age. If you are 16 you have to wear a helmet. But if you want your head to get blown off that's on you. It is safe to wear a helmet for protection.

Do you have to wear a helmet with heelies?

It is up to you, however the manufactures suggest you should wear a helmet.

What vehicles is it illegal to wear your helmet on?

It is never illegal to wear a helmet. But sometimes it's illegal not to wear one.

Does a helmet wear out?

A helmet can become worn or damaged.Do not wear a helmet that has been in an accident, it might be cracked and not protect another time!

Is the cost of motorcycle insurance different if you wear a helmet?

If there is no helmet law in your state, the cost of motorcycle insurance is the same whether you wear a helmet or not.

How old do you have to be to wear a helmet?

You can wear a helmet at pretty much any age. Depending on location and local laws, sometimes you don't have to wear a helmet once past a certain age.