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Q: What brand is Michael Jordan associated with?
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Does Michael Jordan own Jordan brand?

of course

Who is in the Jordan brand development program logo?

It is a silhouette of Michael Jordan.

What percent does Michael Jordan own of Jordan brand?

Half Maybe

What is Michael Jordan's Instagram username?

Michael Jordan himself does not have an Instagram... however, he has a page for the Air Jordan brand (@jumpman23)

What shoes were named after Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan has his own brand. There are some 100's of shoes, clothing, and accessories that were named after the great Michael Jordan.

Who are Michael Jordan's sponsors?

Wheaties cereal, nike until he had his own brand, Jordan Brand, then they signed a contract to use Jordan Brand until 2023, and finally McDonald's.

When did Michael Jordan start Jordan brand?

Jordan Brand was started in 1996. The first Air Jordans that were released in the newly formed franchise were the Air Jordan XIIs.

Does Nike own Jordan?

The Jordan brand is a division of Nike. So technically Nike does own the brand Jordan, although they don't 'own' Michael.

Does Michael Jordan own the Charlotte Bobcats and Jordan Brand?

Michael Jordan is a partial owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, which are in his home state of North Carolina. Before that he owned the Washington Wizards. He also has stake in the Jordan Brand, though the brand is officially owned by Nike.

How cool is Michael baker?

He is better than Michael Jordan. He has he own shoe brand, The Micheals

What is the name of the brand of Derek Jeters right wristband?

Michael Jordan's company "Jordan". Jeter is sponsored by them

How much is Jordan Brand worth?

Michael Jordan holds a huge stake in Jordan Brand, a Nike-owned subsidiary. In 2012, Jordan Brand posted a $2.5 billion revenue in shoe retail, their best year thus far.

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