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he uses a marucci bat. not sure the size. probably a 33-34 and he chokes up a good inch.

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Q: What brand bat does placido polanco use?
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What brand bat does Shane Victorino use?

max bat

What bat does cat osterman use?

Cat osterman has her own brand of bats but she is a pitcher so she does not hit. But if she did she would use her own brand of bat.

What brand bat did Barry Bonds use during the home run chase in 2007?

Sam Bat

What brand baseball bat does Alex Rodriguez use?

Louisville Slugger

What brand of bat does Jason Krejza use?

he uses a slazenger V8

What brand did tendulkar use for bat?

Morrant ultralite cricket pad :)

What brand bat does Adrian beltre use?

he uses a bat that players use to hit a ball with. it is made from wood .............and it has a barre ll a knob and pine tar

What size bat did Willy Horton use in 1966?

It is not known what brand of bat Willie Horton used when he played for the 1966 Detroit Tigers. It was probably a Louisville Slugger, however, since that was the dominant brand at the time.

Why has Jayasuriya changed his bat from Kookaburra to RBK?

The bat is the same but the sticker has changed. RBK, MRF, Hero Honda and Britannia use the bat face for Brand management. They are not serios bat makers nor cricket equipment manufacturers. Most of the cricketers use the bats manufactured by SS, BAS, Bradbury and Kookaburra. Ganesh

What brand and model of bat did Jeff Bagwell use in his career?

Jeff Bagwell's most Preferred bat was a Black Louisville Slugger model B363. He also ordered bat Models: R206, I13, I13L, B349, B363, A124

What can you use a baseball bat for?

You use a base ball bat for hitting

How much is a game used autograph baseball bat worth of frank thomas?

About $500 depending on the amount of use, particular brand, and period from his career that it comes from.