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There are several and some are custome made but here are a few: Anschutz, Feinwerkbau and Hammerli. There are others but if you want one they start around $1,500 and can cost over $3,000.

All of them shoot around 500 FPS. They may be slow but they are accurate.

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Q: What brand air rifle pellet is used in Olympics?
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What is the Most accurate pellet rifle?

It is generally accepted the the pellet rifles used in the Olympics are the finest made. Look up rifles made by FEINWERKBAU WESTINGER & ALTENBURGER

Are 22 cal pellet air rifles used in Olympics?

The Olympic air pistol and air rifle events use a .177 caliber pellet. The biathlon (skiing and shooting) uses a .22 caliber rim fire rifle.

Are 22 cal pellet air pistols or Rifles used in Olympics?

no those are airguns. .22 bullet rifles are used in the Olympics --------------------correct answer:----------------- .177 caliber air rifles are used in the Olympics. These are high quality match air rifles.

What ammo is used in a Winchester model 450 German made air rifle?

This is a .177 pellet rifle.

You have an old pellet training rifle with Chinese inscription?

The Chinese, along with other countries, have used pellet guns for training.

How do you identify a pellet rifle?

A pellet rifle has no firing pin. It also can not fire a bullet or gunpowder. It can not be made to do so either. The pellet has no charge (casing like a bullet) it just a pellet. However pellet rifles can be just as deadly as a real firearm. They use Air or C02 to project the pellet downrange. Some Pellet rifles are used for hunting, others for target practice. The Major difference between a firearm and an air rifle, is Gunpowder is use in Firearms and Air or C02 is used in Air rifles.

What pellet gun is used in Mythbusters?

It's a Crosman 764sb air rifle.

How far will a 177 caliber air rifle shoot?

Several different air rifles use the .177 caliber pellet. Each different model rifle can propel the pellet a different distance depending on the power plant that the rifle uses. .177 caliber pellets also come in different weights, this also has an effect on how far the pellet will travel. A PCP air rifles (PerCharged Pneumatic) that use a scuba tank to charge them to 3000 PSI can obviously out distance a C02 charged rifle in propelling a pellet. So you can expect a pellet to travel anywhere from a few hundred feet to over a 1/4 mile with ease. Depending on the rifle used.

Does an air rifle 1.77 calibre pellet gun require a licence in India?

no not at all cause its mainly used in sports i.e shooting that's why thee no need of license to 1.77 pellet guns .

What is the difference between a pellet gun and a air rifle?

A pellet Gun and a Air gun are the same thing. A pellet rifle and an air rifle are the same thing. You are most likely referring to a Pellet gun/rifle verses an Airsoft gun/rifle. Pellet guns fire a metal projectile up to 1.500 FPS (Feet per Second) and are used for target practice or hunting. Airsoft guns are capable of firing a 6mm plastic projectile up to 500 FPS and are designed to be used in Combat play where people shoot at each other. Much like Paintball only with less force. That's where the term "SOFT" come from. Unfortunately "AirSoft guns" are often mistakenly referred to as "air guns" when they should be referred to as 'AirSoft guns". Airsoft is considered more as a toy where "pellet air guns" are the next closest thing to a firearm with less power. Airsoft guns/rifles all have red tips to let everyone know that they can be shot at another person. Pellet air guns/rifles look similar to a firearm (NO RED TIP) and are never used in team play where people shoot at each other.

When was the pellet invented?

Everyone thinks that Daisy invented the BB gun in the late 1800's, but this is not so: The credit goes to Bartholomaus Girandoni of Vienna. He developed the air rifle for the Austrian army about 1780. Around 1500 were produced and were used until 1801. The bore was 11.75 mm. The butt of the rifle was the air tank and a pump was used to fill it up. Lewis and Clark also carried a pellet rifle with them on their exploration across the USA.

Could you use Copperhead BBS in the Crosman Phantom?

This would be a BIG mistake if you used BB'S in the Phantom. The Phantom is a pellet rifle not a BB rifle. The barrel of the rifle is a "Rifled barrel" meaning it has grooves that make the pellet spin as it's fired out of the rifle. BB's are hard and will destroy the rifling in the barrel. Making it not as accurate. BB guns and BB rifles usually are smooth bore like a straw and BB's have not effect on the barrel. BB guns are a lot less accurate that Pellet guns. Pellets spin when shot, BB's tumble when fired, this is why they are less accurate.