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The answer is Boules!

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Q: What bowling is popular in France?
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Form of bowling popular in France?

Petanque - a game similar to English crown green bowling and Italian bocce.

What is the most popular form of bowling in the US?

In the US, the most popular form of bowling is tenpin bowling. For more information on what tenpin bowling is all about:

In which countries is bowling the most popular?

Bowling is the highest participated sport in the world. It is very popular in Asian and European countries, as well as the US.

Is amf bowling the most popular bowling centre in Victoria?

AMF does not have any bowling centers in Victoria, British Columbia Canada.

How popular is bowling in the world?


What are some brands that sell bowling ball bags?

Bowling bags are a popular item and offered by a wide variety of companies and retailers. Some popular, top rated bowling bag brands are Brunswick, Ebonite, Storm and TNT.

What countries is bowling played in?

Tenpin bowling is played all over the world. It is most popular in the US and UK, but is very popular in Asian countries as well. It is the most popular indoor sport in the world.

What country is popular for bowling?

United States is the most popular country for the sport.

What are the most popular participatory sports in the world?


What was the least popular sport in the 60's?


Is there a demand for ten pin bowling?

Yes there is. It may not be as popular as in th 60's but bowling establishments have tried to increase the fun for teens.

Where can a 300 bowling alley be found?

300 Bowling Alleys can be found across the USA. Some of the most popular 300 Bowling Alleys can be found in Long Beach, Atlanta, Houston and Shady Grove.

Who is the boss of New Brunswick?

It originally was the inventor of the game Bowling, but soon, his descendants took over his place, who now create the rules of bowling. Bowling is also the most popular sport in New Brunswick.

What is the most popular drink in France?

champagne is the most popular drink in France :)

What is the most popular school in France?

the most popular school in France is Lycée

When was Popular Front - France - created?

Popular Front - France - was created in 1936.

When did Popular Front - France - end?

Popular Front - France - ended in 1938.

What popular sport was known in Ancient Germany as heiden werfen?


Does France love rugby as NZ does?

It is very popular in France, but not as popular as it is in New Zealand.

What are some of the most popular restraunts in France?

What are some of the most popular restraunts in france

When did bowling become popular in the US?

Bowling was brought over to the US from the UK around 1840. However without a doubt it's popularity picked up in the 1940s. 1940-1960 is considered the golden age of bowling.

Where was realism art popular?

it was most popular in France

What are some popular Christmas stories in France?

Popular Christmas stories in France include The Nativity Story, or the Story of Christmas. The Story of the Maji is an other popular Christmas story in France.

What most popular hobbies in France?

football which is soccer and ruby are some popular activities in France

Is five pin bowling a summer sport?

Fivepin bowling is popular in Canada and often offered in the same alleys as tenpin bowling. To answer the question more specifically: No. It can be played year round. See link below for more information.