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f50 tunits

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Q: What boots does messi wear?
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What boots dose messi wear?


What football boots does messi wear?


What boots does Lionel messi wear?

Lionel Messi currently wears Adidas Messi F50.9.

What are the best boots that a player can wear on pes 2011?

Messi's boots. the yellow F50 ones.

Which studs do messi wear?

the man with magic in his boots wears the adidas F50 Adizero prime...!!

Which goal machine wears F50s?

Leo Messi and David Villa wear Addidas F50 boots.

How many golden boots has messi won?

messi has won one golden boot

What brand of boots does puss in boots wear?


When can you wear boots?

Any time I want, I will wear snow boots in winter, and cowboy boots in summer

Which Prem star wears Puma boots?

Lionel messi used to .

When was Fairies Wear Boots created?

Fairies Wear Boots was created in 1970.

What football boots do you wear?

I wear the same boots that c.ronaldo wears so I wear mercurials because c.ronaldo is the football player I admier and mercurial boots are the only type of boots I would ever wear.

Which soccer players wear number 10?

Argetina-Messi , Barcelona-Messi

What are Messi's current soccer cleats?

Messi is currently wear Adidas cleats.

What boots did Alan shearer wear?

Shearer used to wear Umbro Special boots.

What kind of cowboy boots does Ryan Bingham wear?

the boots that real cowboys wear

Does Every wwe wrestler's wear lifts in there boots?

Not all wrestler's wear lifted boots. Only the wrestler's that have arched feet wear lifts in their boots.

Which Barcelona star wears Adidas F50 adiZero boots?

Lionel Messi

What boots do messi use?

the new adizero F50 the same as bale and silva

Can you wear boots in summer?

Yes. You can wear boots in the summer. Your feet might get hot though. dont wear winter boots in the summer i learn that the hard way

What jersey number does messi wear?


Do you wear football boots for touch football?

No you don't need to wear football boots, you could wear running shoes.

Why does boots wear boots?

because he doesn't like sandels.

What boots did roy keane wear?

he wore diadora boots

How many cats in the world can wear boots?

Puss in Boots! :)