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A brazos

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Q: What boot should you buy i am looking at the mercurial talaria v fg in yellow i am a center midfielder?
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Who is the center attacking midfielder for Chelsea?


What is A midfielder?

a center midfielder is a soccer player who is usually the most skilled player on the field. they usually have the best compousure and the best endurance. they are a key player on the field and they have the job of connecting the ball from the defence to the offence, or the other way around. I play center midfielder! it is awesome!

What is the best soccer boot for a center midfielder?

I think that the Adidas Predator series would be the best recomanded boots for a center midfielder...btw use the boots that u feel better in your foot.Hope it helped

Is Jason a center midfielder or a center back?

well you are amazing at both so, it doesn't really matter....

What is center midfield?

Centre midfield is where the midfielder generally plays up the centre of the pitch. The midfielder being a player who links defence and attack and has a moderately free role.

What kind of lacrosse stick is good for a center midfielder?

A warrior bullseye, they are great for face offs and scooping

What are the best soccer boots for a center forward?

The best soccer boots for a center forward is Adidas Powerswerve If u need power if you need speed try going for mercurial vapour IV

What are the main soccer positions?

Right forward (wing), left forward (wing), center, midfielder, mildfield stopper, right defense, left defense, center defense, and goalie.

What are the positions in a soccer team u12 of 8 players?

Keeper Right Back Center Back Left Back Right Mid Center Mid Left Mid Striker Each position has variations as well, such as Right Wing Backs, or Centre Forwards who play between where the Center Mid would be and the Strikers.

What is the nickname for Orlando Engelaar?

'Ollie' is the nickname for Orlando Engelaar [b. August 24, 1979], center midfielder for the Dutch Eredivisie club PSV and for the Dutch national football team.

What does a center backer do in soccer?

they defend their own goal to prevent the other team from scoring.

What does central midfielder do?

midfield or a midfielder, helps the offense out by giving them someone to pass to or by passing to them when the offense is in a good spot. Plus they help the defense out by if possible, keeping the ball on the other half of the field. But if the defense is having trouble the midfield will help out. Especially when the other team has a corner kick or anything like that. They pretty much play the whole field.