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Muscular, Respiratory, nervous. Softball makes you healthier in general

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Q: What body systems does softball benefit?
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Which three body systems benefit from good posture?

digestive circularory respirartory

what three body systems that benefit from regular exercise?

Heart Immune system Blood pressure

What is the international governing body for softball?

International Softball Federation (ISF)

Who is the governing body for softball in The Bahamas?

I.S.F. International Softball Federation

How cells in your body benefit from different systems working together.?

i dont know can someone help me i am a fifth grader who needs help

Explain how cells in your body benefit from different systems working together?

Cells in the body benefit from different systems working together by receiving essential nutrients and oxygen from the circulatory system, removing waste products through the excretory system, receiving regulatory signals from the nervous and endocrine systems, and maintaining a stable internal environment through the coordination of all systems. This integration allows cells to function optimally and maintain overall health and homeostasis.

How does on organism benefit from organ systems that work together ans communicate?

Organ systems that work together make a more efficient being and help keep a state of balance within the body.

Benefits of softball?

-Friendship -Technique -Teamwork skills -Strategy Skills -Hand eye co-ordination -Overall Health -Reaction Time Softball can benefit in all these areas .

When was the international body of softball formed?

It was formed in 1952.

Who established softball?

George Hancock invented softball. It grew until rules were developed and now we have the ISF (International Softball Federation) as international governing body to take care of the sport

How do your body systems work without other systems in the body?

Your body is the sum of all its systems. There are no "other systems". All the body's systems have to be working together or the body will not be able to stay alive.

Do body systems work together?

Body systems work together to keep the body healthy and the body systems are interdependent (they rely on each other).