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Q: What body of water is north of the Cleveland browns stadium?
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What body of water is located north of Cleveland?

lake erie

What do you have to do to be able to sell water at a stadium?

Permit is required from stadium.

How many football fields does it take to go across the earth?

The Earth is approxiamately 24902 miles long (across the Equator) and 24859.73 miles around the North and South poles. Football stadiums are approximately 0.6 miles long, so 24902 / 0.6 = 41503.33333 (repeating) There would be about 41503.3 football fields to get across the Equator.

Can you bring your own water bottles to gillette stadium?

No, you can only bring in your wallet so that you can purchase foxborough stadium 20 oz. water for $3.50.

What is the name of Buffalo Bills large body of water near the stadium?

What's the name of the large body of water near Buffalo Bills stadium

Where is the berry masters wife?

its near the water stadium

What Is a funny fact about Cleveland?

If you mean President Cleveland he would like to sit with his feet in cold water.

Is there a sport that doesn't have a stadium?

Water polo and possibly curling.

How does the stadium wave differ from a real ocean wave?

Stadium waves differ from real ocean waves because ocean waves use water and stadium waves use people.

How many acres in Cleveland Ohio?

The city of Cleveland, Ohio has a total land and water area of 52,736 acres.

What time do browns mill water park open?

it opens on the 23

Did they move mile high stadium with water?

Yes, actually. Part of it at least.Bears Stadium (which was the official name of Mile High Stadium before it was torn down) had a section of stands that rode on a quarter of an inch of water, giving the stands barely enough lift that the stands could be pushed into position for baseball games or pulled out for a longer field (for football).Yes, an entire side of the stadium really did move on water.