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a eastern

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Q: What bmx bike should you get if your 5 ft 5?
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What age is a 20.5 bmx bike for?

Depends what size you are im 5 feet 10 and i ride a 20 inch bmx bike

What size bmx bike should you ride if you are 5' 4''?

JUst about all BMX bikes are built around 20-inch wheels, making them all very close to each other in size.

What size of bike should you get your 12 year old son who is 5 ft tall?

If he needs a regular bike, I would get him a full size 26 inch bike. He is at the point where he is about to start his adolescent growth spurt.

What is the best bmx for around 600 pounds which is 950 dollars?

Type your answer here... the best bmx bike is "the flyer" it can hold any size of pound, its 700 dollar ( bieleve it or not) It wieghs 1-5 pounds

Top bmx companies?

ANIMAL is my FAVORITE bike brand its also a great bike brand. i have every animal part on my bike and i have all their clothing, videos, etc. 1. WTP 2. Hoffman 3. 2 Hip 4. Fit 5. Mirraco 6. Kink i would have to say felt i love my felt bmx oh and oddesy

What is a straddle cable for a bmx bike?

It's just a short length of cable, maybe 5" or so, that's used to connect the arms of the brake together.

What Is The Right BMX for me?

I am 13 years old, 5 foot 2, and a very good bike rider. I ride Bmx's and I do lots of tricks so I need a bike that can go fast, easy to peddle, removeable pegs, very sterdy, and very light. My price range is 300 to 400 dollarsHELP MEYou're obviously not that good of a rider as all pegs are removable and the speed of the bike depends on the gearing. Also if you are that good you wouldn't be asking which bike to get on here.

What is a average height for 14 year old?

For a boy it should be 5 ft 5 inches, For a girl it should be 4 ft 9 inches.

How tall should you be to ride a KTM 2011 250sx-f?

Well, you probably don't want to be any shorter than 5 ft. without making serious modifications to the bike.

Is it likely that a bmx chainring will fit on a road bike?

No. Some BMX chainrings have the same 4/5 bolt pattern as road bikes, but most use another method of attachment to the crank. If it is a 4/5 bolt chainring you first have to measure the bolt circle diameter to see how that fits. I'll post a link on that. Next is the thickness of the chain rings. BMXes are single-speed and use a thicker chain. Most road bikes have external gears and need a thinner, more flexible chain to work. I'm not sure if a road bike chain will fit on a BMX chainring. (Unless it's a single-speed road bike of course. Then you can run a BMX-style chain and all can be made to work.)

If you are 5 ft how much should you weigh?


What type of sport is freestyle BMX?

Freestyle BMX is another name for BMX stunt riding . BMX is a special bicycle designed for doing stunts. There are 5 main disciplines in the BMX sport and they are trails, flatland, vert , street and park.

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