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it will be Pele from brasil

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Q: What black man retired as a soccer champion of the world?
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Champion in world cup for soccer last 1970?

Brazil was the world champion in 1970.

Who was world heavyweight champion when Ric Flair retired?

Randy Ortan

Who retired as world heavyweight champion in march 1949?

Ezzard Charles held the title from June 22,1949 until May 30,1951.

How did Christian become the World Heavyweight Champion?

He defeated Alberto Del Rio to win the World Heavyweight champion.(The title Edge retired)

Which nation became the first soccer world champion?


What is the all time world soccer champion?

Is is FC Barcelona

Oscar de la Hoya is he champ?

Ex-World Champion and retired at this point.

Who won the 2006 soccer champion?

Italy won the World Cup in 2006.

Which year did World Champion Schumacher retired from F1 Racing?

2006 was his final year in F1.

Was rocky marciano a world heavyweight boxing champion?

Yes, Marciano won the title against Jersey Joe Walcott in 1952. He retired as champion in 1956.

Was there a black WWE champion?

None but we have 2 black world heaveyweight champs

Will Shawn Michaels become world champion again?

well he is retired but if mchman let him into the wwe again so he can be