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It is Andy cole and Emile Heskey.

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Q: What black footballers have scored 100 premiership goals not including penalties?
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Players to have scored 20 premiership penalties?

ruud van nistelrooy

How many penalties has Frank Lampard scored in the premiership for Chelsea?


Which player has scored the most penalties since the premiership started?

Buying players Chelsea £744,440,000 Won Premiership Man CITY £649,180,000 Won Premiership Liverpool £552,205,000 Not Man UTD £483,150,000 Won Premiership Spurs £412,050,000 Not Arsenal £341,090,000 Won Premiership Blackburn£195,462,000 Won Premiership

Name two footballers who have played in SPL and scored Hat tricks in English premiership?

Mark Viduka and Andrei Kanchelskis

How many penalties has Cristiano ronaldo scored this season in the premiere league this season?

C. Ronaldo has scored 3 goals from penalties in Premiership season 2007/2008 till 36-th day match(2 games remaining). The penalties he scored were against Derby County, Everton and Arsenal.

What 6 premiership footballers have scored for 5 different football clubs?

Ian Rush Liverpool Chester Leeds Newcastle Wrexham .... Robbie Keane Coventry, Wolves, Spurs, Leeds, :Liverpool.....Inter Milan & Anelka Chelsea, Bolton, Liverpool, Arsenal, Man City...Fenerbache/PSG sort your neck out

How many goals has dider drogba scored in English premiership?

Overall career he has scored 249 including international games

How many goals including penalties were scored in the 2006 world cup?


Who is the only Premier footballer never to score a premiership penalty?

There are loads of people who never scored a penalty, most players don't even take penalties