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It's a drop bar road bike for most of the race, and a time-trial road bike for the individual pursuit stage.

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A road bike

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Q: What bike did Lance Armstrong ride in the Tour De France?
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Is lance armstrong the best bike rider?

Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France seven consecutive times, but his titles were stripped because he was doping.

Does lance Armstrong have a gold medal?

noHe has never been in the Olympics, but only on the professional bike racing circuit. He has won the Tour de France 7 times.

Did Lance Armstrong win a medal in 2004 on bike 61601?

did lance armstrong win a metal in 2004 on a bike 61601

What happened to Lance Armstrong's recent bike crash?

He broke his collarbone, had it operated and expects a full recovery in time for the tour.

Why did Lance Armstrong bike?


When did Lance Armstrong get his bike stolen?

1987 is When

What is the name of lance armstrong's autobiography?

Its Not About The Bike

How did Lance Armstrong deal with adversity?

he hit a black man Don't listen to the first awnser. Lance showed bravery when he had cancer, and when he participated (and will participate 2009) in the Tour De France. You may wonder why being in a bike race shows bravery, but people easily get killed in that race.

What bicycle race did lance Armstrong win?

LA has undobtedly won plenty of races during his career, but he is most known for his wins in the Tour de France. He's been stripped of his titles though, due to having been found using illegal performanve enchancing drugs.

What seven-time winner of the Tour de France bike race is coming out of retirement to reace more?

That would have been Lance Armstrong. Admittedly, he's not considered as the winner any more, as he has admitted to doping during that era.

What happens if you see lance Armstrong on a flying bike?

you will be amazed =D

What did lance Armstrong do before becoming a pro bike rider?

he did triantholons