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Q: What benefits can you derive from participating in team sports?
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What can you develop in team sports?

What benefits can you derive from participating in team sports

What value can team sport develop in you?

What benefits can you derive from participating in team sports

What benefits can you drive from participating in team sports?

By participating in team sports, the foremost benefit to be derived is the togetherness, combined effort to achieve success. It teaches us that without looking for individual performance, if we put joint effort in completing a task, the success rate is much higher in comparion to individual effort.

Is the karate team participating in the 2012 Olympics?

Karate is not one of the Olympic sports. Taekwondo is an Olympic sport and the US is participating.

Number of kids under 18 participating on team sports worldwide?

100 million

Is taking sports supplements illegal?

If participating in a sporting team, it is generally not considered fair to take sports supplements. This can cause an unfair advantage to the team, and may result as an illegal activity. But not all forms of sports supplements are illegal.

How do you develop a personality with help of sports partipicipation to a sports person?

You can develop a personality in sports with help of participating in a sport by simply joining a sports team such as Basketball, Football, Tennis, Track, Baseball, Softball, and so many more

How many people are in the Italian team participating in the 2012 olympic games?

284 competitors in 22 sports with no Italians in present for the sports of basketball, field hockey, football, and handball in these Games.

How many Singapore Team is participating in London Olympic 2012?

Singapore sent a total of 23 athletes to compete in 9 different sports

What is trait motivation?

Trait motivation is if you are someone that is extrovertthen you are more likely going to be motivated to play for team sports instead of individual sports e.g. football, but if you are someone who is introvert then you are going to be more motivated for participating in individual sports, e.g. swimming.

What is an example of a participant observation?

An example of participant observation would be a researcher joining a sports team to study team dynamics and communication patterns. By actively participating in team activities, the researcher can gain firsthand insights into the group's behavior and interactions.

What are the benefits of school sports being after school?

leadership skills, team skills, communication skills. Sports are a great way to learn how to communicate and associate yourself with others.