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Louisville slugger

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Q: What bat does Ken Griffey Jr use?
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Who is better Jim Edmonds or Ken Griffey Jr?

Ken Griffey Jr

What is worth more a ken griffey jr signed rookie bat or 600 hr bat?

Ken Griffey Game Used Bats If you are asking about a Ken Griffey Jr. signed game used rookie bat, and a Ken Griffey Jr. game used bat when he hit home run number 600, the 600 home run bat will have more of a significant historic value, and have a far higher value. There would be many rookie year bats, and only one 600 HR bat which is most likely in the Hall of fame or in Griffey's personal collection. A value cannot be given. The signature on the rookie bat means nothing. The bulk of the value will rely on the game use, and the type of provenance or authenticity that accompanies the bat. Some collectors would rather have the game used bat without the signature. In general a Ken Griffey Jr. game used bat is worth about $1,000. more or less depending on the game use, and provenance that accompanies the bat.Bats with historic value will sell for more. A Ken Griffey Jr. Signed Bat (not game usde) is worth about $150.-$250.

Did Ken Griffey Jr. die?

No ken Griffey Jr did not died yet. On 2010 he get retired

Is ken griffey jr still alive?

Yes, Ken Griffey jr is still alive

When was Ken Griffey Jr. born?

Ken Griffey Jr. was born on November 21, 1969.

Does ken griffey sr have kids?

Of Course Ken Griffey Jr

Where does Ken Griffey Jr. live?

Ken Griffey Jr. and his family live in Winter Garden, Florida.

Are Ken Griffey Jr. and Barry Bonds brothers?

No. Ken Griffey Jr. and Barry Bonds are not related.

What is ken griffey jr average in 2009?

Ken Griffey Jr. had a .214 batting average in 2009

What is Ken Griffey Jr.'s birthday?

Ken Griffey Jr. was born on November 21, 1969.

What sport did Ken Griffey Jr play?

Ken Griffey Jr. was a Major League baseball player.

Nicknames for ken griffey jr?

Ken Griffey Jr. has been referred to as "Junior" or the nickname "Kid"

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