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A Bowling ball and bowling shoes. Other equipment can include a wrist band of some sort, bowling bags and a towel for wiping off the surface of your bowling ball.
all you need for bowlings is the bowlings shoes and the balls and a score board you could go over hand by packing knee pads and elbow pads if you wanna.
Bowling shoes

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Well if you plan on joining a league then you'll want to have the following items.

1. A ball that has been customized to you

2. A bag to carry your ball in

3. A towel to wipe excess oil from the lanes off your ball

4. A pair of bowling shoes - you could rent but if you're joining a league get your own they fit better.

5. I always kept a small bottle of baby powder or equivelant in the bag, this helps keep the ball from sticking to your thumb and fingers :-)

6. Depending on if you have an issue with keeping your wrist straight you may consider also purchasing a wrist brace that will prevent you from twisting your wrist as you throw the ball.

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Q: What basic equipment is needed for bowling?
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The basic equipment needed for a bowler is the bowling ball and bowling shoes. A bag to carry the ball in is common. Some bowlers use wrist aids for support.

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