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There is no professional team in Montreal that I know of.

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Q: What baseball team does the Montreal play on?
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What was Canada's first major league Baseball team?

Canada's first MLB team was the Montreal Expos who began play in 1969.

What was the name of the Major League Baseball team that played in Montreal?

Montreal Expos

What type of sport do the team members of the Montreal Impact play?

The Montreal Impact play Canadian professional soccer.

What is the Montreal ice hockey team called?

Its two official teams= - Montreal Expos (Baseball) - Montreal Canadiens (Hockey)

Where do the Montreal Cups play?

There is no team named the Montreal Cups, are you mistaking the for the Montreal Canadiens? If you are, then they play at Bell Centre (en francais: Centre Bell).

What team does chris leak play for?

the Montreal allouettes

Which team did Maurice Rocket Richard play for?

The Montreal Canadiens

What team did Troy Crosby play for?

i think it was the Montreal canadians

Where are the two baseball teams from Canada from?

Montreal and Toronto - the Montreal Expos an the Toronto Blue Jays. However, Montreal is no longer a team.

Who are the Bulldogs in hockey?

The Montreal Canadiens' farm team .. they play in Hamilton

What baseball stadium the Montreal Expos play at?

olympic Stadium

What baseball team plays in Olympic Stadium?

Montreal Expos (MLB) (1977-2004)