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Babe Ruth played with the Boston Red Sox, the N.Y. Yankees, and the Boston Braves.

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new York yankes

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Q: What baseball team did babe Ruth play for 15 seasons?
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What made babe Ruth play baseball for his career. why did he play baseball who influeced babe Ruth to play baseball in his life time why did he play baseball?

my mom

What made Babe Ruth play baseball?

He liked it.

Did Babe Ruth play a baseball in phily?

Babe Ruth played dozens of games in Phildelphia, against the Athletics.

Who did Babe Ruth inspire to play baseball?

lou gehrig

Did babe Ruth play a baseball game in philadelphia?


Who tought Babe Ruth how to play baseball?

Brother Matthias

What things did Babe Ruth do?

play baseball ad coach

Did Babe Ruth play baseball?

YES he did he was very popular

When did babe ruth play baseball?

Babe Ruth first played Baseball when he was 7 years of age at St. Mary's Industrial School. Babe Ruth made is Major League debut On July 11, 1914 with the Boston Red Sox

How long did harry hooper play with babe Ruth?

6 seasons (1914-1919) with the Boston Red Sox.

What sport did Babe Ruth play in baseball's off season?

possibly golf?

What actors and actresses appeared in Play Ball with Babe Ruth - 1920?

The cast of Play Ball with Babe Ruth - 1920 includes: Babe Ruth as himself