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Both the Brooklyn Dodgers and Chicago White Sox wore shorts as a uniform briefly in the 1950s. It didn't last long.

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Q: What baseball team actually wore shorts for their uniform?
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What does the basketball uniform consist of?

Team jersey, shorts, shoes and socks.

Which online retailers allow one to buy football shorts?

Football shorts can be purchased from online retailers such as Sports Authority. It is assumed that one might be looking for the padded shorts which are a part of the uniform and worn for protection. If football training shorts with a team logo are desired most sporting goods stores will carry those as well. Many colleges and universities have websites where shorts can be bought. Professional teams sell football shorts and other apparel with team logos on their websites and at team stores.

Does tennis clothing consist of a uniform?

Uniform is a term often used to associate the wearer of the uniform with a specific team. Tennis clothing generally consists of a short skirt and top, or short dress for women, and top and shorts for men.

Who was the first baseball team to wear the pinstripe uniform?


What baseball team were the first to wear a uniforms?

The New York Knickerbockers were the first BASEBALL team to wear a uniform ... there is a basketball team in New York by the same name ...

What baseball team has only one home and away uniform?

The Brewers.

What is the soccer unoform?

the soccer uniform is what you wear when you play soccer, exercise shorts/ soccer shorts,team jersey, soccer socks/ socks that come up to knees, shinguards(protect your shin), and cleats(soccer shoes)

What is the mascot for the alanta braves baseball team?

The mascots name is Homer the Brave. He has a braves uniform and hat and his head is a baseball.

What was the first major league baseball team to retire uniform numbers?

The New York Yankee baseball team was the first one to retire the numbers of their great players after they retired.

Who wore uniform number 5 for the New York Giants baseball team?

Jake Sales

Did the Chicago White Sox ever wear shortpants as part of their uniform?

Yes, but in 1991, they were removed and replaced with longer pants, by the board of safety for the MLB(MLBSD) because of threats to the players when sliding and playing in colder tempatures. When this change occured the Coach left the team because the shorter pants were his idea. He actually Brand Named them as White Sox Showers simply because the would show all the players Sox. The coach was outraged because he belived the pants gave the White Sox a distinct image and it fits perfectly with there name but MLBSD did not agree and the pants were changed. Source:(Ninteen-nintys in sports)(By:LP. Mucoulough)(copyright 2000). Wrong! The question above is about wearing shorts on the ball diamond as part of the uniform, not sliding shorts. Sliding shorts are padded shorts worn under baseball pants to prevent injuries when sliding and diving into bases. The Chicago White Sox actually did wear shorts on Aug. 8th, 1976 in the first game of a DH vs. Kansas City. It was the idea of the owner, who thought it would gain fans back to a team that lost 97 games. It failed miserably, leading to taunts from both the Royals players and White Sox fans. The team wore pants in the second game.

How much equipment do soccer players need?

Soccer players are required to wear their team uniform which consists of the team shirt, cleats, shin guards, team shorts. Jewelry is not allowed. They also need a ball, a water bottle, sun-block, and of course a good attitude.

What is the only MLB team that plays with shorts on?

There were actually two teams that tried shorts for a short time in the 1950s, the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Chicago White Sox. It didn't last very long, boney knees.

The name of the first baseball team to wear uniforms in 1851?

The New York Knickerbockers were the first team to wear baseball uniforms in 1849. The uniform consisted of blue pants, white shirts, and straw hats.

In baseball what is called the person who hits the ball?

The batter is the one who bats using a baseball bat at a baseball game on a baseball team in a baseball field during baseball season while wearing his baseball uniform. 0_o

Which baseball team has a curse of the Bambino?

It was actually the Chicago Cubs

How has the Football uniform changed over time?

The uniform has changed in many ways. in the old days they had to remember who was on there team now they have matching shirts, shorts and other equipment. Just like Basketball, in football they no longer wear "short" shorts, though basketball was "short short" shorts Also...the names in football are now written on their back (introduced in EPL 15 years ago)..on personalised jersey, whereas it used to be just numbered 1-11 without any name identification. Example Ronaldo at Manchester United is always #7. The number is also now written on the shorts.

What NFL team does Cecil Shorts play for?

Cecil Shorts plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Where do you get the Team Rocket uniform?

Go to the Underground Tunnel in Goldenrod City. There is a Team Rocket Grunt there who will give you a uniform.

What did the Brazil team uniform in the 2014 FIFA World Cup look like?

Brazil's home colors consisted of a yellow jersey with a green trim, paired with blue shorts and white stockings. Their away colors consisted of a blue jersey with white shorts and blue stockings. Brazil's alternate colors featured all three uniform pieces completely black. However, because the 2014 FIFA World Cup was hosted in Brazil itself, their team always wore their home colors with the opposing team forced to wear a contrasting shade per FIFA policy.

How do you get the black uniform in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you have to go to the underground where the dude takes pictures of you in a Team Rocket uniform. There will be a Team Rocket grunt who is looking for recruits. He will give you a uniform.

In soccer who is supposed to change uniforms the home team or the away team?

If the uniforms are not similar or the same color, they don't have to change uniforms. If the uniforms are similar, then it is customary that the away team will have to change the uniform. The home team can tell the other team if they are the ones that are going to change the uniform if they want to. If the uniforms are not the same, then both teams can use whichever uniform they like the away or the home uniform.

What does a soccer uniform look like?

A typical soccer uniform consists of the 5 S's: Shirt, Shorts, Socks, Shinguards (beneath the socks), and Shoes. These are the most basic of guidelines, but virtually any outfit which fulfills these requirements is a legal uniform. Most of the time, the jerseys are numbered, as well. The goalkeeper will have a different uniform than the rest of his team. Example: The old Manchester United uniform

How do you get team rocket uniform on soul silver?

go to the little building near bills house and there will be a team rocket grunt in there and he will give you a uniform

Where are the Buffalo Bisons from?

The Buffalo Bisons are based in Buffalo New York, they are a minor league baseball team. Their uniform colours are scarlet, white and blue. The team manager is Marty Brown.