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I think Cincinnati had the first night game in Baseball.

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Q: What baseball staudium had lights first?
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Where was the first professional baseball game played under the lights?


Where was the first professional baseball game under the lights held?

Independence, Kansas

What was the first Major League Baseball team to play with stadium lights?

the cubs

Which president turned on the lights at Crosby Field for the first night baseball game?


What baseball team was the first and the last to get lights?

First: Cincinnati Reds, Crosley Field, 1935 Last: Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field, 1988

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What was the last Major League baseball team to have stadium lights installed?

chicago cubs at wrigley field sometime in the late eighties and the first game played under the lights was on 8/8/1988

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Neon lights were first invented around 1910.

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anyone in the whole world....