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Carl Yastrzemski and Joe Morgan are two Hall of Famers who wore # 8.

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Q: What baseball players wore number 8?
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Baseball players that wore number 8?

Yogi Berra

Which professional baseball players wore number 8?

Andre Dawson Cal Ripken Jr.

What nhl players wore number 8?

Cam Neely

What football players wore number 8?

troy aikman

What players wore number 8 for the raiders?

Jason Campbell

Which Phillies players wore number 8?

Shane Victorino

What famous baseball players who wore the number 8?

Carl Yazstremski, Willie Stargell, Cal Riopken JR and Yogi Berra all wore it. Joe Morgan

What famous football players wore number 8?

Kevin Thomson

What baseball players wore number 8 on the Cleveland Indians?

Stuart Gregory, Cocken Balls, Ben Dover, Eileen Dover and James Puppyeater.

What are the most popular numbers for baseball jerseys?

Usually baseball players have all sorts of numbers. Some of the most popular include number 8 which Cal Ripkin wore; 21 which was worn by five different popular players.

Who wore number 8 in major league baseball?

Through the years many great players have worn the number 8. Probably the best player ever to wear the number was Lawrence "Yogi" Berra from the New York Yankees.

Names of Chicago Bears players that wore number 8?

Gayle Sears

What Major League Baseball player wore 8?

Thousands of thousands of players have worn number 8, but the first people to come to mind are usually Carl Yastrzemski and Cal Ripken, Jr.

What famous National Football League players wore the number 8?

Troy Aikman

Which Flyers players wore the number 8 jersey?

Mark Recchi wore it when he played for Philly

Which American basketball player wore number 8?

Many players have worn number 8. The best is probably Kobe Bryant, but he has changed his number to 24.

What famous baseball players wore the number 8?

The only No 8 you need to remember in Baseball is Cal Ripken Jr. But if you need more: Yogi Berra, Willie Stargell, Joe Morgan, Carl Yastrzemski, Andre Dawson.

What players on the Mets wore jersey number 8?

The man most associated with the Mets #8 is Gary Carter. Another Hall of Fame catcher, Yogi Berra, also wore that number as the Mets manager.

Who wore the number 8 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

There have been 4 players who wore number 8 for the Steelers. Tommy Maddox (01-05), Everett Fisher (40), Joseph Yurcic (40), Deluca (35).

Which famous MLB players wore number 8?

Waldo diaz..... For the Pajeros

Best Soccer Players of the the 1990that wore the Number 8?

ian right playing for arsenal

What Saints players wore the number 7?

Wasn't that Archie Mannings way back when? Wasn't Archie number 8?

Who wore Baseball jersey number 8?

Second baseman Joe Leonard Morgan wore number eight on his uniform. In 1987, his number was retired by the Cincinnati Reds.

Who has worn the number 8 shirt for Manchester united?

Recently the players who wore number 8 was Paul Ince, Nicky Butt, Wayne Rooney, Anderson and now the current number 8 will be Juan Mata

Which Major League Baseball players have worn number eight?

National Baseball Hall of Fame members that wore #8 include Yogi Berra, Gary Carter, Bill Dickey, Joe Morgan, Willie Stargell, Norman 'Turkey' Stearnes, and Carl Yastrzemski.