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Two of the most famous were Hank Aaron and Willie McCovey.

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Q: What baseball players wore number 44?
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What famous baseball players wore the number 44?

Hank aAron

What players wore the number 44 in baseball?

Two of the most famous, probably, were Hank Aaron and Willie McCovey.

Which players of Manchester United have wore jersey number 44?


What Miami Dolphins players wore number 44?

paul warfield

What famous basketball players wore number 44?

Barack Obama

What famous NBA players wore number 44?

Pete Maravich "pistol pete" was #44.

What famous LA dodger players wore number 44?

Steve garvey

Which players in Chicago Bears history wore jersey number 44?

Terry "Toast" Schmidt

What baseball players wore the 44 and hit over 40 home runs in a year?

reggie Jackson

What famous baseball players wore number 44?

Hank Aaron, Willie McCovey, and Reggie Jackson.

What famous football players wore number 44?

Jim Brown ernie davis Floyd Little

What famous Alabama players wore 44?

Forest Gump

Did any Pittsburgh Steeler wear the number 44 on their jersey?

Yes. Click on the link below to see all the players that wore #44 for the Steelers.

What are the names of the Cardinal baseball players with number 44?

The player is Randy Winn.

NFL players who wore 44?

Heath Evans, John Riggins

What Major League baseball players wear number 44?

Adam dunn roy oswalt

Which Pittsburgh Steelers player wore the number 44 jersey in 1975?

Running back Mike Collier wore number 44 for the Steelers in 1975.

What unc TARHEEL men basketball players wore jersey 44?

Larry miller

What famous football players wore 44?

Floyd Little had the #44 retired by the Denver Broncos. Pete Retzlaff had the #44 retired by the Philadelphia Eagles. Washington Redskins hall of famer John Riggins wore 44. Former Cleveland Browns running back Ernest Byner wore the #44.

Who wore number 44 for the tigers?

The first baseball team to use numbers on uniforms was the 1916 Cleveland Indians when they wore small numbers on the sleeves of their uniforms, as a way of identifying the players. This practice was short lived. in 1929 the New York Yankees decided to wear numbers to the backs of their jerseys. The numbers corresponded to each player's general position in the lineup.for example Babe Ruth wore No. 3, since he usually batted third, and Lou Gehrig wore No. 4 as he batted fourth. I could not find any Detroit Tiger players that wore uniform number 44.

Who wore jersey number 44 for 1976 NY Jets?

No one wore #44 in the 1976 season after John Riggins left. RB Tom Newton wore #44 between 1977-1982.

Who wore Mancunian republic 2010-2011 season jersey number 44?

Joe Dudgeon wore jersey number 44 for mancunian republic in 2010-2011.

Who wore number 44 on the New York Yankees?

The most popular Yankee to wear the number 44 was Reggie Jackson from 1977 to 1981. His number was retired by the Yankees in 1993. Bob Seeds, Frank Verdi, Dick Tettlebach, Ken Hunt, Gordie Windhorn, Bill Sudakis, and Terry Whitfield also wore the number as Yankees players. Jeff Torborg, John Stearns, Jim Hegan and Mike Ferraro wore the number 44 as Yankees coaches.

Who wore or wears the number 44 for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

Dallas Clark wears number 44 for the Buccanneers.

Nba player who wore number 44?

Jerry West