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Q: What baseball players grew up in Florida?
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Where did Ariana Grande grow up?

she grew up in Boca Raton Florida

How Johny Depp grew up?

He grew up in small town kentucky. Then moved to small town florida

Is Hulk Hogan from Florida?

He is a native of Georgia, but he grew up in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Where did Trayvon Martin grow up?

Trayvon Martin grew up in Miami, Florida.

When did Dwayne Johnson come to Florida?

He was born and grew up in Miami

What type of theater did William shakespeare watch as he grew up?

travelling players

What important people were born or grew up in Florida?

There have been many important people who were born and also grew up in Florida. A few of the people are Dwayne Johnson, Philip Don Estridge, and Dave Barry.

How did Johnny Depp help Florida?

I was not aware that he had. He grew up in Florida, but other than that, I don't think so.

Where did Lisa grow up?

Grew up in Kansas, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, & Panama.

Is Dahvie Vanity from America?

Yeah, he was born here and grew up in Orlando, Florida.

What was Laila Ali's childhood like?

She grew up in Miami Beach, Florida.

Who inspired misty may?

Misty May-Treanor was inspired by her parents, the other players she grew up with, and fellow professional volleyball players.