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Rickey Henderson, 130 stolen bases in the 1982 season, playing for the Oakland A's

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Q: What baseball player had the most stolen bases in a season?
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Who leads the majors in all time stolen bases?

career stolen bases is Rickey Henderson with1,406 stolen bases but most stolen bases in one season, is technically Hugh Nicol with 138 stolen base in one season. with the new stolen base rule implemented the individual with the most stolen bases in one season would be Rickey Henderson with 130 stolen bases. Rickey Henderson is the only Major league Baseball player to have stolen 100 bases in 3 consecutive season back to back. Posted by: David Geter

Who led major league baseball in home runs and stolen bases?

The All Time leader with the most Homeruns in their career is Barry Bonds and the player with the most stolen bases in their career is Rickey Henderson who had stolen 1,406 bases in his career, the player who has stolen the most bases in a single season is Hugh Nicol who had stolen 138 bases while he was with Cincinnati as part of the 1887 campaign and Rickey Henderson was the leader in stolen bases for the 1982 season while with the Oakland Athletics due to stealing a total of 130 bases.

Who holds the reacord for the most stolen bases in a baseball season?

no one

Who was the first baseball player to to get a 100 stolen bases in a season?

Maury Wills did so in 1962 for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

What baseball player throughout his entire career has averaged 62.3 stolen bases EACH season that he played?

Rickey Henderson

Who was the first baseball player to hit 40 home runs and have 40 stolen bases in a season?

Jose Canseco in 1988.

What is the the 30-30 rule?

30 homeruns and 30 stolen bases in one baseball season

Who holds the Major league Baseball record for the most stolen bases in a single season?

Rickey Henderson

Which New York Yankees player had the most stolen bases in a season?

The Yankees single season record is held by Rickey Henderson, who stole 93 bases in 1988.

Who leads the Major League Baseball in stolen bases for 2008?

By the end of the 2008 season, Jacoby Ellsbury finished first with 50 stolen bases. Ellsbury led the American League with 50 SBs. Willie Taveras of the Colorado Rockies led MLB in stolen bases in the 2008 season with 68.

Who is the best baseball player in the Dominican Republic?

Jose Reyes he is fast and has alot of stolen bases

What is Rickey Henderson record stat?

SEASON Stolen bases 130 (1982) CAREER Stolen bases 1306

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