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Q: What baseball player earned his 3000 hits in the least amount of plate appearances?
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What is the abbreviation of a baseball pitcher's stat?

OBP is on base percentage.BA is batting average.SLG is slugging percentage.FP is fielding percentage.AB is the amount of at bats.PA is the amount of plate appearances.1B is the amount of singles.2B is the amount of doubles.3B is the amount of triples.HR is the amount of home runs.BB is the amount of base on balls.HP is the amount of hit-by pitches.SA is the number of times a player attempted a player made to steal a base.S is the number of times a player successfully stole a base.RBI is runs batted in.

Which active player has the most major league baseball postseason appearances who is not a New York Yankee?

Manny Ramirez is the top active non-Yankees player with the most postseason appearances with 111 games played.

How is a tennis player's pay determined?

A tennis player pay is determined by the amount of money sponsors are giving them and the amount of money they receive from winning a tournament. There are extra things to like commercial, guest appearances.

Which player has the most major league baseball postseason appearances?

Through game 1 of the 2010 playoffs, Derek Jeterhas made the most postseason appearances. He has played in 139 games.

What baseball player earned the nicknameMrOctober for his outstanding postseason performance?

Reggie Jackson was known as Mr. October.

Who had the most British open appearances?

Gary Player

Which player holds the record for most premiership appearances?

The player with the most Premier League appearances is David James of Portsmouth. He currently has 537 dating from 1992 to 21.2.2009.

How do you score four walks of one player in a baseball game?

Assuming those were his only four plate appearances, his scoring line would be... 0 for 0, 4bb.

Which player has the highest number of appearances for English clubs?

Peter Shilton, a goalkeeper, made over 1000 competitive appearances.

What player has the most appearances in a World Series?

Yogi Berra

Which man united player has has 2 appearances?

Gabriel oberton

Which player has the most premiership appearances for Villa?

Alan Wright