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Q: What baseball cards is worth the most money?
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Which cards are worth more baseball or basketball?

4 the most part baseball...

Which box set baseball cards are worth the most?

topps Tiffany

How much is a Livan Hernandez card worth?

A Livan Hernandez baseball card is not worth much money. Most cards are only worth around $1. It will depend upon the condition of the card also.

1996 joe carter baseball cards?

Most if not all are worth less than a quarter.

How much money is a Spanish Pokemon card worth?

Spanish pokemon cards are uncommon to most people and you or someone Else probably want to no how much the cards are worth now i depends on what year it is most Spanish cards that are worth lots of money are made in 1900-2000 also look to see if it is shiny if so you have a vary rare card in your hand

Which baseball cards are worth the most on the blue jays?

A carlos Delgado rookie card or his catcher card

How much is a Lou whitaker baseball card worth?

most of his cards are commons - so worth anywhere from 2 cents to 50 cents. 1978 is worth $8, 79 is worth $2.50 and some of his insert cards are worth a few bucks.

What baseball card is worth the most money?

What is a Bo Diaz baseball card worth?

His RC is probably worth 25 cents. Most if nnot all of his other cards are worth less than a dime.

Which Yu-Gi-Oh cards are worth more money?

The Egyptian God Cards are worth about $30 each. Trying to improve the answer, seeing how the previous answer only involved the non-Tournament legal God Cards, which are only high in demand because of Collectors. Cards that are generally low in stock, and high in demand are usually worth the most amount of money. For example, Steelswarm Roach is close to generally $100, Tour Guide from the Underworld is about $150, and so on. Trying to find good cards, that are also hard to get is really what makes them worth the most.

Who's baseball cards are worth the most form 1973?

Key cards in the 973 baseball card setThe 1973 baseball card set consists of 660 baseball cards. A complete set has a book value of about $700.00 in near mint condition, and about $200.-$350.00 in very good -excellent condition. Key Cards in the set that are worth the most money Include: Crda 1 - All-Time Home Run Leaders, Card 50 - Roberto Clemente, Card 100 - Hank Aaron, Card 220 - Nolan Ryan, Card 305 - Willie Mays, and Card 615 - Mike Schmidt RC

When do baseball cards become the most valuable?

Baseball cards become valuable when they are very scarce.

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