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It is not a ball but rather a pineapple

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Q: What ball is on the lid of the William webb Ellis trophy?
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Where was rugby created?

In Rugby Boarding School, by William Webb Ellis. That is why the World Cup trophy is called the Webb Ellis Trophy

What is the real name for Rugby World Cup trophy?

The William Webb Ellis Cup/Webb Ellis Cup a.k.a "Bill"

What's the name of 2007 Rugby World Cup trophy?

The same trophy is awarded at each World Cup. It is called the William Webb Ellis Cup. its just the webb Ellis cup not the willam weeb Ellis

What is the name of the trophy awarded to the winners of the ruby world cup?

The William Webb Ellis Cup.

What country does William webb Ellis belong to?

William Webb Ellis is English.

Who is the Rugby World Cup named after?

The Webb Ellis trophy, or Rugby World Cup trophy, is named after William Webb Ellis, who is often credited with inventing the sport of Rugby. One football match at Rugby University in Warwickshire, England, Webb Ellis decided he was bored with kicking the ball around, picked it up and ran with it. This rule-breaker had just laid the base foundations for the sport of Rugby Union, and thus the trophy is named after him.

What is the full name of Rugby world cup?

The RWC is also known as the William Webb Ellis Trophy

When was William Webb Ellis born?

William Webb Ellis was born on November 24, 1806.

What is William Webb Ellis's birthday?

William Webb Ellis was born on November 24, 1806.

How old was William webb Ellis when he invented rugby?

According to the legend surrounding the "birth of rugby", William Webb Ellis run with the ball in hand in 1823. He was born in 1806, therefore he was 17.

In what year did the Webb Ellis find rugby?

1823 when William Webb Ellis "with fine disregard for the rules of football" is alleged to have, first took the ball in his arms and ran with it.

What is the rugby world cup sevens trophy name?

It is called The Webb Ellis trophy.

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