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Q: What ball game invented by the native Americans consists of two teams of ten players?
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Lacrosse was invented in which country?

Lacrosse was invented by the Iroquois and Huron Native Americans in what is now Canada.

Was lacrosse used to train for war by the native Americans?

Yes lacrosse was invented and used by the native americans.

Who invented a canoe?

the native Americans invented it. the tribe was called the Siox.

What are 5 fact about who invented lacrosse?

Native Americans

Who invented syrup?

Historians think it was the native Americans.

Who invented the Boston teaparty?

The native Americans invented the Boston tea party

First sport ever invented in the US?

Lacrosse invented by the Native Americans

Was lacrosse invented in 1113?

1564 by native Americans

Who invented the bangle?

The Indians, not native Americans the one from India

Was lacrosse invented in Germany?

Lacrosse was invented by the native Americans of what is now Canada and the United States.

Was lacrosse invented before football?

yes it was invented by the native Americans when they needed something to practice for war

Which was originated first lacrosse or hockey?

yes it is said to have been invented by the ancient Mayans.