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a bail of hay and a cricket ball and a cricket bat and dom bradman ashes

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Q: What bails are in the Ashes trophy?
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Whose ashes are in the Ashes trophy?

They aren't the ashes of a person. The tradition is that it is the ashes of the bails from the wickets of the first Ashes test. The name came from a editorial of a newspaper saying (after an English defeat) that English cricket had died and the ashes sent to Australia.

Where did ashes bails get burnt?

He didn't!

Is there a picture of The Ashes trophy?

Go To and search "The Ashes Trophy".

What are the cricket ashes made of?

the ashes are the ashes of the bails used in the very first ashes series in England which Australia won

Why is an England vs Australia clash called ashes?

it is due the trophy, which is a urn which reputed has a cricket ball burnt to ashes inside. there is also belief that it also could be bails, stumps or even a woman's veil!

What is story behind the cricket ashes?

The 'Ashes' are the ashes of the first bails used in the first cricket test between England and Australia.

What is inside the ashes cup?

Silly question. Ashes of course! One of the bails that are used is burnt and the ashes are placed inside the urn (which incedently isn't a cup).

Were did the cricket ashes come from?

it was in 1882 and Australia beat England in cricket the Australian team then burnt the bails (not the stumps or ball) to mark the first ever official game and to this day England and Australia compete for the ashes (that's why the wining team holds up an urn as there trophy)

The Australian and English cricket trophy?

The Ashes

What is the smallest trophy in sport?

The Ashes Urn

Which team won the first Ashes trophy?


Who or what are the ashes?

Kept at Lords cricket ground in London the 'Ashes' is the trophy played for between England & Australia.

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