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Club Football:

He won the Ligue 1 and Trophée des champions cup when he was at Monaco. At Arsenal he won the Premier League 2 times, the FA cup 3 times and the FA Community shield 2 times. At Barcelona he won the La Liga 2 times and won the Copa del Rey, Supercopa de España, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup once. In the MLS he won the MLS Eastern Conference once.

National Football:

He won the World Cup, UEFA European Football Championship,FIFA Confederations Cup and King Hassan II International Cup Tournament once.

Individual Awards:

-UNFP Ligue 1 Young Player of the Year (1996-97 season)

-PFA Players' Player of the Year(2002 -03 season) (2003-04 season)

-PFA Team of the Year(2000-01 season)(2001-02 season)(2002-03 season)(2003-04 season)(2004-05 season)

-FWA Footballer of the Year(2002-03 season)(2003-04 season)(2005-06 season)

-Premier League Golden Boot(2001-02 season)(2003-04 season)(2004-05 season)(2005-06 season)

-Golden Boot Landmark Award 10 (2004-05 season)

-Golden Boot Landmark Award 20 (2004-05 season)

-Premier League Player of the Month( April 2000, September 2002, January 2004, April 2004)

-Goal of the Season (2002-03 season)

-UEFA Team of the Year( 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006)

-MLS Best XI(2011,2012)

-MLS Player of the Month ()arch 2012)

-Onze d'Or (2003, 2006)

-European Golden Boot (2003-04 season, 2004-05 season)

-French Player of the Year (2000, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006)

-IFFHS World's Top Goal Scorer of the Year (2003)

-FIFA FIFPro World XI (2006)

-FIFA World Cup All-Star Team (Germany 2006)

-FIFA Confederations Cup Golden Ball (France 2003)

-FIFA Confederations Cup Golden Shoe (France 2003)

-UEFA European Football Championship Team of the Tournament (2000)

-FIFA 100 (2004)

-Time 100 Heroes & Pioneers no.16 (2007)

-English Football Hall of Fame (2008)

-Premier League 10 Seasons Awards (1992-93 - 2001-02)

-Légion d'Honneur(1998)

-Premier League 20 Seasons Awards

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France were the 7th Nation to win a World Cup. They beat Brasil 3-0 in the '98 final to win their only World Cup to date.

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Thierry Henry has won only one world cup in1998with France.

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I think Henry has scored 51 goals for France.

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8 or 9 trophies

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France won only one world cup in 1998.

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About 51. It's the recordman !

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Q: What awards has Thierry Henry won?
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