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A head wreath.

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Q: What award is given to a winner in the ancient Olympic Games?
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What was the award of winner in the ancient Olympic Games?

An olive branch!

What award did an ancient Olympic Games winner win?

A head wreath.

How did the Ancient Olympic Games award people for winning?

With a head wreath.

A sentence with the word anthem in it?

For each winner of an event at the Olympic games, the anthem for the winner's country is played at the award ceremony.

What was the winner's award in the ancient Olympics?

Crown of Wild olive Leaves

How did they award the winners of the Olympic games?

by meadals i guess

Is the 1st hunger games an award winner?

I think so!

What kinds of awards were there in the ancient Olympic games?

There was the fame of winning. Many of the winners had statutes made of them. The actual award was a crown made of olive leaves.

What award do the modern olympic games win?

Awards. just awards

Which olympic winner was awarded padma bhusan?

Abhinav Bindra, gold medalist in men's 10 meter air rifle competition at the 2008 Games in Beijing, won the award in 2009.

Was the Hunger Games an Award Winner Novel?

yes it got lots of awards

Who won the Australian of the Year award in 1998?

Cathy Freeman won the Australian of the Year award in 1998. She is an silver Olympic medal winner and a an outstanding athlete. She also has a world track title and won a gold medal in the Commonwealth Games.

Ancient Olympic award?

i am pretty sure the Greeks were given olive wreaths but not sure what else......

Why is there an award ceremony in the Olympic games?

because whoever wins must be rewarded

When was the First Olympic games to award gold silver and bronze medals?

That was the 1904 Games in St. Louis.

Who is the winner njanapeeda award 2013?

Lidya Davis is the winner of njanapeedam award 2013

Who is the recent Pampa Award winner of Karnataka state?

venkatachala shastry was the recent pampa award winner for the year 2008 he is the 22nd pampa award winner

What is the highest award in the Olympics?

highest award at olympic

Who was the PRCA Linderman Award winner in 2008?

2008 Linderman Award winner was Trell Etbauer of Goodwell, OK

When was Robert H. Winner Memorial Award created?

Robert H. Winner Memorial Award was created in 2001.

What two college teams produced a Heisman award winner Naismith's award winner and a us president?

Michigan and Princeton

Who was the author of the 1963 winner for the caldecott award?

The 1963 Caldecott Award winner was The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats.

What is specialty of satara district?

1. Tukaram Ombale - terrorists catchers(kasab) 2. First Olympic award winner mr. Khashaba Jadhav (Kusti)

How are the Olympics of today different from the ancient Olympics?

First no one is nude. All were nude in the first Olympic Games. Next, it was only Greece and not the world. Third, it was only track games, and the award was laurel leaves crown not the the medals given today.

Who was the first winner of the cy young award?

The first winner of the Cy Young Award was Brooklyn Dodger, Don Newcombe in 1956.