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1. Dave DeBusschere, HOF basketball player for the Knicks and marginal RHP for the Chicago White Sox. Check the link below. 2. Danny Ainge played parts of 3 seasons from 1979 - 1981 with the Toronto Blue Jays, batting no better than .243 in a season. He then went on to star with the Boston Celtics (1981-1989), Sacramento Kings (1989-1990), Portland Trail Blazer (1990-1992) and Phoenix Sun (1992-1995).

3. Michael Jordan played for the minor league Birmingham Barons from 1994-1995 in addition to the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards in the

NBA. The above answer is incomplete. 12-athletes have played in both the NBA and Major League Baseball. Michael Jordon is not one of them. The ones I do know are Gene Conley, Bill Sharman, Dick Groat, Chuck Conners (Yes, that Chuck Conners), Dave DeBusschere, Ron Reed, Danny Ainge, and most recently, Mark Hendrickson. I am trying to find the other four. I am sure they played in the early NBA as Mark Hendrickson was the first to do it in twenty years since Danny Ainge.

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Q: What athletes have played professional baseball and professional basketball?
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