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Mark Spitz.

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Q: What athlete held the record for most gold medals in one Olympic Games before Michael Phelps?
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Who was the fastest olympic swimmer before Michael Phelps?

Batovin was the fastest olympic swimmer before Michael Phelps

What does Michael Phelps do before a race?

He listens to music before a race.

Who won 9 gold medals in the Olympics as many as any other single athlete in history of olympic competition?

Before Michael Phelps won 14 gold medals, athletes with 9 gold medals include Larissa Latynina, Mark Spitz, Paavo Nurmi, and Carl Lewis.

Who held the olympic gold medal record before Phelps?

Mark Spitz

Does Michael Phelps have a girlfriend?

Michael Phelps secretly married Nicole Johnson on June 13, 2016 before the Olympics in Rio. They had a son together.

When did Michael Phelps brake his wrist?

He hasn't broken his wrist before. ._.

Why was it that Michael Phelps was called the worlds greatest Olympian before he even beat Mark Spitz's seven gold medals record?

Michael H. Phelps

Did Michael Phelps have any obstacles before entering the Olympics?

Michael Phelps had ADHD ( Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ) as a child and he struggled but worked hard for where he is now.

What song was Michael Phelps listening to before he raced?

I'm Me-Lil Wayne

Michael Phelps used to dope?

as far as the world knows Michael phelps has never tested positive. during the Olympics he tests everyday, before he gets into the pool for practice.

What songs does Michael Phelps listen to before a race?

He listens to I'm me By: Lil' Wayne

Do they measure weight before you can be an athlete in the olympic games?

Yes in certain maybe all events.

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