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She is right-handed and she lost her left arm.

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Q: What arm does Bethany Hamilton writes with before the shark attack happened?
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How many years did Bethany Hamilton surf before her attack?

Bethany Hamilton learned how to surf at the age of 2. She was 13 when the shark attack happened, so she had been surfing for 11 years by the time of the attack

What hand did Bethany Hamilton write with?

Before and after the attack, Bethany was right-handed

Was Bethany Hamilton bleeding before the shark attack?

Most likely not

What was the competition Bethany Hamilton qualified before the shark attack?


What was Bethany Hamiltons dominant hand before attack?

Bethany Hamilton's dominant hand was, and still is, her right hand

When did Bethany Hamilton started to surf again after the attacked?

The day before Thanksgiving 2003, 1 month after the attack (which happened on October 31, 2003)

What did Bethany Hamilton's father do before her accident?

The day of the attack, Tom Hamilton had to get knee surgery (he was locally anesthetized). But Bethany was admitted to the hospital right before the surgeon could even begin

How long did Bethany Hamilton surf before the shark attack?

Since she was about three years old.

What arm does Bethany Hamilton write with before the shark attack?

She is right-handed and she lost her left arm.

What instrument does Bethany Hamilton play?

Before the attack, she used to play the ukulele or a Hawaiian guitar, but she can't anymore since playing the guitar requires both arms

What is the beach Bethany Hamilton tried to go to first before her accident?

On Halloween day in 2003, Bethany Hamilton was at Tunnels Beach in Hawaii when she got her arm bitten by a fifteen foot tiger shark.

When Bethany hamilton saw timmy before her surgery what did she say?

That she wanted to go back to the ocean to surf.

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