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The Lakers play in the Staple Centre in Los Angles.

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Q: What arena does the Lakers play in?
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Does lakers and clippers have same staduim?

They play in the same arena . Called the Staple.

How many people can the lakers seat in the arena?

The Lakers can hold up to 19,000 fans in their arena.

When do they clippers play?

The Clippers play in the Staples Center, the same arena as the Los Angeles Lakers. 1111 S. Figueroa st.

What team had the largest arena in the NBA?


What NBA team has the best arena?

the lakers have the best arena the staples center!

What is the name of the LA Lakers arena?

Staples Center

Do the lakers and clippers play in the same arena?

Yes, they both play at the Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles. Their schedules are tailored so that each of the Los Angeles teams (Clippers, Lakers, NHL Kings and WNBA Sparks) as well as concert and award shows do not play at the same time.

Did Cleveland cavaliers play the lakers in the final?

No they didnt play the lakers because BOSTON played them nd lost to the lakers So the lakers won the championship

What city do the Clippers and Lakers play in?

If you are talking about basketball the lakers play for Los Angelos

What hotel do the Los Angeles Lakers stay in Oakland?

I don't think they use one. It's less than 400 miles between the Lakers' home arena and the Golden State Warriors' home arena, so they just jump on a commuter plane, go to Oakland, play ball and return to LA the same day.

Were do the lakers play?

The Los Angeles Lakers play in the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, CA

Did Michael Jordan play for lakers?

No. Jordan never played for the Lakers.

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