What are your goals for this class?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Q: What are your goals for this class?
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What is the main difference between a social group and a social class?

establishment of goals

How many first class goals have Ronaldino?

300 somthing

Does the United Nations achieve its goals?

Are you in this class? The answer is bacon

What was one goal of many people of the middle class?

The middle class is a social class which falls above the working class. One of the goals of the middle class is to remain middle class.

What are your occupational and career goals?

To gain ful time employment as a Class 1 driver

What were the goals for the soviet union that each of these individuals proposed?

I am guessing you are in Mrs. Barnitz class.

What helps couples openly discuss their goals and expectations of marriage?

Premarital education class

How did the goals of the the Jamestown colonists differ from those of the puritan?

um... Mr. Ristys class?

Is this sentence grammatically correct. Our class doesn't fool around we meet our goal?

Well I have no clue what you are trying to say, so I don't think it's correct.Try " Our class doesn't fool around so we meet our goals" or " reach our goals "

Which of these describes one of the goals of the English in India?

To create a class of Indians who were English in terms of their culture

How do the middle class and the upper class minded differ?

Their goals were different mainly because they were different groups of people. They held different jobs and made different amounts of money. Also, these groups had different interests which naturally led them to pursue different goals.

What did the research of Melvin Kohn reveal as being determinative factor in the goals that both working-class parents and middle-class parents had in rearing their children?