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Q: What are your endorsements as a vice principal?
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Do we write vice principal or vice-principal?


What is a word that starts with vice?


Who is the principal for PS 135?

The principal for P.s135 is Mrs.Macrae. The vice principal is Mrs.Mitchell

What does chain of command mean in context of teaching?

A chain of command is basically a reporting protocol The teacher would report to a mentor, the vice principal, or principal (this depends on your school) The vice principal reports to the principal The principal reports to the superintendent

Who is Daniel's brother?

my vice principal. no joke

What does a vice principal do?

they are very strict but fair

What threat did Mrs Henry make to the vice principal that results in the kids being integrated?

Mrs. Henry threatened the vice principal to tell the superintended

Make a sentence with the word VICE?

What do you want ?? like a vice principal or president be specific

How do you say vice principal in spanish?

el subdirector.

What happens if you fight at the end of your school year?

Well.....thats up to your parents and vice principal & principal to decide

How do i make my School uniform individual?

talk to the principal, vice principal, dean, or any body who has power over the school

What is the name of the vice principal of cambridge international college?

stephan lawson