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English Because I LOVE to write!

I LOVE lunch because it's part of the schedule and you get to do basically whatever you want.

Math because i am great at it.

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sport because i rock

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Q: What are your best subjects at school and why?
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What was thomas Edison's best subject in school?

He only had 12 weeks of school, so he didn't have any subjects.

What were Leonardo da Vinci's three best subjects when young?

Leonardo did not go to school.

What should a 4th grader do?

Study 4th frade subjects, do the best they can at school, be good and enjoy life.

What subjects did Queen Victoria learn at school?

as usual subjects

What are Chris Brown's favorite school subjects?

Chris Brown favorite subjects in school are science and math.

Is spelling good for learning math and other subjects in school?

other subjects in school dumbo

What are the subjects in high school?


What is the most popular subject at school?

being in school doesnt mean subjects are more popular than any other.....what ever u think is best

What are practical subjects in school?

Technical subjects in school might be computer programming, keyboarding, welding, mechanics, and construction. These subjects teach a marketable skill in each course.

What are Harrow high school year 10 subjects?

what are the year 10 subjects for harrow high school? pls answer my question!

What subjects are taught in a Chinese school?

The subjects taught in Chinese school are generally the same as anywhere else. Language, geography, math, social science, and art are the common subjects.

What was john lennons favouit subjects in school?

Art and literature were his favourite subjects.