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Q: What are women traditionally allowed to do on weiberfastnacht?
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What is Weiberfasching?

Also known as Weiberfastnacht, this unofficial holiday marks the beginning of the street carnival celebrations in a large part of Germany. Traditionally, the merrymaking starts at 11:11 on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday. It may be hard to find anyone at work after that time on Weiberfastnacht! It dates back to at least 1823 in Cologne. The word Weiberfastnacht literally means women's abstinence night, however exactly the opposite of abstinence is to be expected! 15 hours of partying could hardly be called abstinence!

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What is Weiberfastnacht?

That's a special day in carnival in Germany. It's the Thursday before the last carnival weekend and there are celebrating especially the women. On this day it's usual in some parts of Germany that the women cut the ties of the men. Even in business.

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What is Weiberfast nacht?

Weiberfastnacht - also known as Weiberfasching or Wieverfastelovend (Kölsch) marks the transition from hall-based carneval celebrations to street carnivals during Fasching. Weiberfastnacht takes place on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday. It is also known as Altweiberfasching, Altweiberfastnacht or simply Altweiber (Krieewelsch: Aalwiewer).In its heartland of the Rheinland, Weiberfastnacht is an unofficial holiday, and most places of work close at midday. The celebrations normally begin at 11.11 am. Unlike Rosenmontag (Rose Monday), which is celebrated on the Monday before Ash Wednesday, there are no processions. People dress up in costumes and celebrate in bars and in the street. It is customary for women to cut off men's ties (a symbol of male potency) on Weiberfastnacht, leaving the men to walk around with just the stump. In return the men are compensated with a Bützchen (kiss).

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