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.500 and above.

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Q: What are winning percentages for Major League Baseball?
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What is the longest winning streak in Major League Baseball's American league?

The 2002 Oakland Athletics hold the record for the longest Major League Baseball (MLB) winning streak by an American League (AL) team with 20 consecutive wins.

What major league baseball team has the fewest winning seasons in franchise history?

Washington baseball any league

What Major League Baseball team has the longest winning streak against another team in the history of Major League Baseball?

21 games 1935 Chicago cubs

Which current major league baseball manager has the highest winning percentage and never played in the major leagues?


What major league baseball player has played the most winning games?

Pete Rose

How many games in playoffs to win world series?

There are seven games in the Major League Baseball World Series and the winning team needs to win the majority of the games meaning the winning Major League Baseball team will need to win four games out of the seven games in the series.

Are the San Francisco Giants a good major league baseball team?

Yes. Since 2010, the Giants have become a Major League Baseball dynasty, winning World Series championships three times in five seasons.

What Major League Baseball team has the highest winning percentage since 1950?

St Louis Cardinals

What major league baseball team has the best winning percentage since 2000?

New York Yankees.

Which major league baseball team has the highest all time winning percentage?

The new York Yankees

What academy winning actress divorced major league baseball outfielder David justice in 1957?

Halle Berry.

Who in major league baseball has been on the winning team the most games?

Pete Rose, with 1972 wins in 3562 games.

What Major League Baseball team has the highest winning percentage for a season?

The 1906 Chicago Cubs at .763 (116-36).

Who was the first major league baseball player to play on the winning team in two perfect games?

i dont care lzr

Most runs scored by the winning team in a major league baseball game?

The most runs scored by a winning team in a MLB game is 30.

What baseball team has the longest winning streak against another team in Major League baseball?

the best baseball team in the world proven by science would have to be the white sox

What is the longest current winning streak in major league baseball?

As of 7/22/09 the Phillies have won ten games in a row.

Last 25 game winning pitcher in major league baseball?

Bob Welch of the 1990 Oakland Athletics at 27-6.

What does the Major League Baseball stand for?

major league baseball

What is meant by Major League Baseball?

major league baseball

What makes a winning Major League Baseball team?

One opinion believes that good pitching and good defense will make a winning Major League Baseball team. One opinion believes a Number 1 Starting Pitchers, a good selection of great Relievers in the Bullpen, solid Number 2 and 3 Starting Pitchers, strong infield defense, speedy Outfielders and a good offense that features the leadoff and the Number 2 hitter having speed and the hitters batting in the third through and including 6 spots will make a winning team. Another opinion believes teamwork is the essential ingredient to making a winning Major League Baseball team.

Who had most winning Major League Baseball hits?

The "game winning hit" statistic was an official statistic for a few seasons in the 1970s and 1980s, but is no longer an official stat. Therefore, there is no way to determine who had the most game winning hits.

Major league baseball?

Yep, Major League Baseball or MLB.

Is Major League Baseball fake?

No. Major League Baseball is real.

What is major league basbeall?

major league baseball is the hightest baseball league with the best players