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Medicine, therapy, and treatment.

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Q: What are ways to treat injuries in baseball?
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What are two ways to treat bone and joint injuries surgically?

joint replacement and arthrosopy

What are the Most common baseball and softball injuries?

Baseball injuries

Why is it essential to treat injuries to the ear in a timely manner?

It is important to treat ear injuries promptly because the ears are not well supplied with blood vessels.

Does Recompression treatment treat crush injuries?


Who prevents and treat athletic injuries?

athletic trainer

How do you repair the muscular system?

There are many ways to treat muscle injuries, depending upon the type of injury. For minor injuries, the body repairs itself while you sleep (but sleep deprivation will interfere with this process). Major injuries could require surgery. Certain types of exercise can help to rehabilitate the muscles.

How can stem cells treat diseases and injuries?

cause it has nectar

How you would treat the tennis elbow injuries?

Go to the doctor.

What hospitals do?

They treat people that have diseases or injuries.

How were injuries treated in ancient Greece?

they had no hippocrates (doctors) so they could not treat it

What are the common injuries developed by the baseball pitcher?

elbow and shoulder injuries like the rotator cuff

Who can treat an industrial injuries?

an idustry worker, himself (herself) or another industy worker