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Cheating is breaking check the rule book and don't follow one...running a non-stock car in the stock class is one way. I've seen guys running slicks in the street tire class. I'm guessing your really looking for hints in performing better at a track? Better performance takes practice. Most tracks have "Test and Tune" nights. Go to one of these and try these "techniques". Stage as deeply as possible and go on the last yellow instead of waiting for the green. This should improve your R/T and your 60' times. Head's up drag race is won or lost at the line. If you're bracket racing, get your opponent to red light or bust their dial through head games. Take the maximum allowable time to stage if the slower...turn your car off and let it set while your opponents car runs and heats up. A cooler engine runs faster.

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Q: What are ways to cheat in Drag Racing?
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