What are violations in rugby?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Penalties in Rugby Union include (but are not limited to my recalled list):


playing the ball on the ground

high/dangerous tackling

leaving your feet in a ruck

not throwing the ball in straight in a line-out

feigning a throw in a line-out

using hands to play the ball in a ruck/scrum (unless the player is the scrum half)

forward pass

playing the ball forward with any part of the body other than the player's leg/foot (referred to as a 'knock on')

not releasing the ball upon being tackled

entering a ruck/maul from the side

collapsing a maul

wheeling a scrum

making a play on a player without possession of the ball

shielding the ball after being tackled (no attempt by grounded player to leave ruck)

There are entirely different laws in the sport of Rugby League

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In Rugby an infringement is when a players has broken the rules of play. E.g. tackled another player on their head.

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Q: What are violations in rugby?
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