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Women were not allowed to participate or even watch. The athletes performed in the nude.

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What does the word Olympic mean

What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

How did the athletes prepare for the ancient olympic games

What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: What are two ways the ancient Olympics differed from the modern games?
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Which famous distance race of the modern Olympics was not part of the ancient games?

hi which famous distance race of the modern Olympics was not part of the ancient games?

What games are in the modern and ancient Olympics?

Contest for eating ploop

What date did the Olympics start?

The Olympics are split into two different eras. The ancient Olympics and the Modern games. The modern games started on April 6, 1806.

How has the ancient Olympics influnced the modern Olympics?

I Think That The Impact Is That If There Were No Modern Olympics There Would Be No Modern Olympics. Also, The Games From The Ancient Olympics Are In The Modern Olympics Today .. ! One Other Thing Is That EveryOne Still Talks About The Ancient Olympics Today And Its Just Soo Big Every Single Place Around The World .... ! .. <3 -Marissa

What is the penalathon in the ancient olympic games?

The pentathlon is a modern Olympics sport.

What symbol of the ancient games is still presented at the modern Olympics?

5 rings

What were the different type of Olympics in Greece?

There is th Modern and ancient olympic games.

Name three ways that the ancient Olympics were different from the modern games?


Who was responsible for reviving the Olympic Games?

When the Ancient Olympics stopped Pierre de Coubertin started the Modern Olympics.

Which city held the first city Olympics?

The ancient Olympics were held at Olympia, the first modern games were at Athens.

What is the difference between ancient Olympics and modern Olympics?

A lot of things like the games there are more games and the clothing (the wore nude)ect...

When did the Olympics games first take place?

In 1896 for modern, 776 BCE for ancient.

Three ways that the ancient Olympics are different from the modern Games?

women were not allowed to watch it.

Why do the Olympics happen?

The Ancient Olympics were banned but Pierre de Coubertin wanted people to do sports and then the Modern Olympic games were created in memory of the Ancient Olympic games so that kinda why.

What country hosted Olympics 1895?

The first of the Modern Olympics was held in 1896, in Athens, the birthplace of the Ancient Olympic Games.

What games were in the ancient Olympics?


What is 'modern day Olympics'?

The Olympic Games that have been played since 1896 are called the 'modern Olympics'. The Olympics started in 776 BC in Greece. If you hear the term 'Ancient Olympics', that means the Olympics that were played long, long ago.

Who named the Olympic games the Olympic games?

The Ancient Greeks held the games at Olympus, Greece, thus giving the name 'The Olympic Games'. In 1894, Pierre de Coubertin wanted to continue the Olympics, and named these modern Olympics the 'Modern Olympic Games'.

Who made the Olympics?

The ancient Greeks did - and the site of the games was in Olympia, Greece. The modern Olympics were started in the 1890s by a French nobleman, and have continued to this day.

When did gymnastics first begin?


What are two ways the ancient Olympics compare from the modern?

1. there are more sports in the moern games 2. instea of medals reaths were wore round the necks of the winners in the ancient olympics

When did gymnastic start in Olympics?

Gymnastics was included in the ancient Greek Olympics and was very popular. They have also been in every modern Olympic Games since the games started in 1896.

How did the ancient olympic games stop?

The ancient Olympics stopped because there are now more people that are modern than ancient and people will get fed up having to watch old sports and the Olympics will lose their career

When did the acient games end and the modern games begin?

The ancient olympic games ended in 393AD on the orders of the emperor Theodosius I. The modern olympics began in the summer of 1896. They were held in Athens.

Did the ancient Olympics have the winter games?