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There are various sports that use boats and outboards for recreation. Two sports that require a boat and outboards are wake-boarding and water-skiing.

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Q: What are two sports that use boats and outboards?
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Do all newly made boats have an outboard motor?

The short answer is no. Boats are made with outboard, inboard-outboard, a hybrid using an inboard engine driving a stern mounted shaft that looks like the lower end of an outboard. Others use inboard engines, typically larger cruiser and specialty ski boats. Personal watercraft use a inboard engine powering a water jet pump. This jet drive system is also used in some boats. Most smaller boats are powered by outboards. New large outboards up to 400HP permit larger boats some over 30 ft long to be outboard powered. Most mid-size boats from 18-30 feet are powered by inboard-outboard systems to take advantage of larger automotive engines.

Do boats use gas like cars?

Most speed boats, especially with outboards, use gasoline engines. Larger vessels such as ships and commercial boats, generally use diesel. For raw power and performance, gasoline engines are still best. Big chevvy V8s are popular choice for powerboats with internal engines. Water and electrics (for the spark) do not mix well, so gas engines need to be maintained and looked after well and can be temperamental. For economy and reliability diesels are best. Which is why commercial vessels use them.

What is sports use racquets?

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Do boats use sonar. Yes they do.

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no they did not use boats to travel

How old is a Johnson outboard motor serial number boo7200?

Johnson and Evinrude outboards, use the model number, rather than the serial number, to determine the year model. Mercury outboards, uses serial number and horsepower.

What boats did the Romans use?

hmelin boats

What year is a Chrysler 35 horse with serial number 14621?

Chrysler outboards use the model number to determine the year of manufacture. For a 35 hp. engine, the first two digits of the model number will be 35.

Why are Briggs and stratton 5 horsepower outboards for fresh water use only?

Because Poo gets stuck in them

Two sports that use a ball and net?

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What two sports use the term strike?

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What size hp electric motor do you need for a 80 foot boat?

There are no standard electric OUTBOARD motors made for a boat that large. While submarines and sightseeing boats may use electric motors, they are not outboards, and are designed for the hull shape and size. The largest electric outboard I have seen is 3 hp- suitable for a 14 ft boat.

Can you use a nunchuck in place of a second remote when playing Wii sports with two players?

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Yes they used boats.

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back in the day to get around they had to use boats!

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The Romans used boats for the same reasons we use them nowadays, to sail rivers and lakes.

How do i tell how old my evinrude outboard is?

Evinrude and Johnson outboards decipher the year model of the engine, by use of the engine model number.

What two sports use same ball?

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What is a tiller or a wheel of a boats rudder?

Small boats use a bar attached to the rudder to steer. Larger boats and ships will use a wheel and rope or chain system to control the rudder.