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Tag teams are the most common name for it. Otherwise, you could call it a team, stable, or faction.

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Q: What are two man wrestling teams called?
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Which winter sport team has either two man or four man teams?

The winter sport of bobsled has two and four man teams.

What is a match with two teams of two tennis players called?


What is 2 local mens soccer teams?

Clearly, just two teams close to each other geographically. A meeting between the two of these teams is called a derby.

Which sport competition event has either two-man or four-man teams?

Some examples includeBobsledLugeTennisVolleyball

Was there a game called wwf vs wcw?

No. As far as I know there has never been a wrestling game where there are two wrestling companies facing off.

Where can one find more information about Barnsley man?

These two soccer teams, Barnsley and Manchester United (commonly referred to as Man or Man U), have websites where fans can learn more about the teams. If information about the specific game between to two teams is desired, reading sports article in the newspaper would be a good start.

How man players are they on a baseball team?

two teams of nine players each

What are the two main defenses used by standard teams?

The two main defenses used by standard teams are man to man and zone. In man to man, players guard another player from the opposite team. In a zone defense, players guard an area of the court, rather than a player.

A contest between two or more people or teams is called?

a contest betwwen two people is called a match

How sumo wrestling originate?

sumo wrestling originated in Japan when two fat man babies got in a fight for the leading giant harry potter baby role for the play

Are there any professional sumo wrestling teams in Japan and if there is what are three of their names?

There are stables for sumo in Japan. They are a sort of like having teams. There are about 50 of these stables and they consider themselves lucky to have a wrestler in the top two tiers of the sumo ranks.

What is a two-man lumberjack tool?

A two man lumberjack tool is called a two man Buck Saw.