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Q: What are tuber's and bulbs and runners called?
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What do bulbs rhizomes and tubers have in common?


What is tuberous stems?

The modified stems which are found in underground is called as stem tubers

Do plants have seeds?

Many flowering plants use their seeds to spread but some also use their bulbs, roots or stems. Daffodil and tulip bulbs make lots of tiny baby bulbs. Each bulb produces a new flower. Tubers and rhizomes are underground roots or stems swollen with food. We eat some tubers, such as potato and carrot tubers.

What are the types of specialized stem?


What has the author W E Guse written?

W. E. Guse has written: 'Propagation from bulbs, corms, tubers, rhizomes, and tuberous roots and stems' -- subject(s): Plant propagation, Bulbs (Plants), Tubers, Corms

What is the most common anti-germination treatment of bulbs and tubers in agriculture?

maleic hydrazide

What are the different kinds of propagation?


Is a tulip a runner?

Tulips grow from bulbs, not runners or rhizomes.

What are the different kind of asexual propagation?


What do Bettong do?

Bettongs are omnivorous. They feed on seeds, roots, bulbs, tubers, resin underground fungi and insects.

What are the roots of a dahlia called?

They are called tubers.

What are the 5 specialized stem?

bulbs corms rhizomes tubers stolens thorns tendrils cladphylls there are the answer by: Krissa An Ü