What are trophies made out of?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Any metal u want it to be

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Q: What are trophies made out of?
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How are trophies made in the form of the shape?

Most trophies are made in the form of the shape with a mold. Molds would already be made with the tops needed for putting the trophies together.

Where were the first trophies made?


What metals are trophies made from?

Trophies can be made out of anything you want. however, aluminum is a very reliable and trustworthy metal and it.......... oh crap.......... i have to do a poo... cya

How are glass trophies made?

They mould it into a shape of a tropie

How many world cup trophies have been made?


What are trophies made of?

Plastic or metal. Duyyyyyyyyyy. Whew that was a tuffy.

Has john cena won any trophies?

It is not known if John Cena has won any trophies but he has won many WWE Championships. John Cena made his wrestling debut in 1999.

How do you get trophies for the PlayStation 3?

To get trophies, you must buy a game that can earn you trophies. When you do a certain something, you will earn a trophy. You can see what trophies are available by inserting your game and clicking on 'trophies' in the 'game' menu an selecting your game.

What is the singular form of trophies?

"trophy" is the singular from of "trophies"

What are the trophies for Guitar Hero world tour?

There are no trophies :(

What are the names of NHL trophies?

For a complete list of trophies I would suggest you go to the following site: or simply Google NHL Trophies and follow the links.

How do you get the super moshi trophies on Moshi Monsters?

You have to be a member to win trophies. To get trophies on Moshi Monsters, you complete the levels.